Why did you create Meme Dad?

I created this Meme Generator after reddit banned quickmeme.
The important keywords that describe Meme Dad are the following: free, fast, easy-to-use, no watermarks and without ads.

It is made by a redditor for reddit, especially for those folks over at /r/AdviceAnimals.

Technologies used for this Meme Generator

Cloudflare - The best website optimization tool there is.
HTML 5 - The sweet future.
MemeDad.js - The MemeGenerator script I wrote for generating Memes. May become open source soon (well, it already is - just look at the source code).

For our robotic friends

Crawlers and bots can grab the following information of a meme post [example] via the meta tags:

memedad_id - the id of the post
memedad_text_top - the top caption
memedad_text_bottom - the bottom caption
memedad_meme_name - the name of the meme template [blank if own template is used]
memedad_link - the memedad link
memedad_image_link - the direct image link
memedad_template_link - the direct template link

Contact me

Do you have a great idea for Meme Dad? Have you found a bug? Or just want to say thanks? Join me over in /r/MemeDad. I love feedback!